​​New Client Appointment Policy:

Appointments will be canceled if client is 20 minutes (or less) late unless appointment is shorter then its 5 to 10 minutes (Microblading clients cannot be more than 20 minutes late for full sets and 10 for touch ups). Brow Lamination, lash removal and all waxing/tinting appointments are canceled if client is 5 minutes late. If you cancel same day, no call/no show or allow your appointment to begin, you will be charged an additional 50% of the service(s) price. Same day cancellations/no shows will be charged 50% of the cost of the service booked, rescheduling is a deposit forfeit. You cannot change services without 24 hours notice. You will be held to the original service booked at the appointment. 

All questions regarding our policies should be sent to our email pulplashspa@gmail.com or text 614-843-4222. We strictly adhere to all of our policies.

Touch Up Appointment Policy (CURRENT CLIENTS):

LASHES: If you are late, we will apply what we can and whether or not you show up, you will be charged for the service. If you call before the appointment to cancel, or within 24 hours, you will forfeit your deposit. You must send a text or email our administrative staff to cancel your appointment. We must receive confirmation of the cancellation via text (614)843-4222 or email pulplashspa@gmail.com. Once your appointment begins, you are responsible for the payment in full as we do not have a late policy and hold the time slots indefinitely once the appointment commences. Choose the time that works best for the look desired because once filled the appointment is over and if there is any time left you will still be charged in full.

MICROBLADING: If client allows the appointment to begin without canceling, attaches to another appointment and arrives too late to perform the service or no call/no shows, they will be charged 50% of the cost of the service.

Pulp Policies.

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Excessive Rescheduling Policy:

If an appointment is rescheduled more than 5 times, it will be canceled. Client will have to schedule a new appointment and secure a new deposit. 

Deposit Policy:

A deposit is required to hold your appointment. Deposits are non-refundable for any reason. Please be sure to reschedule your appointment before the 24 hour mark to avoid loss of your deposit as they are not transferrable to a new appointment unless rescheduled same day, if available. A button is located at the bottom of your original confirmation email labeled "change/cancel". To change your appointment type please text (614) 843-4222 or email pulplashspa@gmail.com. All deposits are removed from the total at checkout after services rendered.

Dirty Lash Policy:

We will add an additional $10 dollar cleaning charge for lashes with mascara or heavy eye shadow build up. We have very inexpensive lash cleansing kits ($5.99), clean your lashes 2x per week to avoid damaging them and being charged this fee. Washing your lashes is EXTREMELY important to the health and volume of your natural lashes. It is imperative to take care of the natural lash at all times while wearing extensions.

Small Children Policy:

We Love Children, but due to liability reasons, we do not allow small children to attend appointments. Clients will not be able to properly supervise them as your eyes will be closed for the duration of your appointment. Artist will be occupied performing services. Additionally, we do not have a daycare license. Please leave your small children in the hands of a proper caretaker. Children who are self sufficient and well behaved may be permitted above the age of 9, but they must stay in the reception area.

Touch Up Eligibility Policy:

FOR EXISTING CLIENTS: You must have at least 10% of your lashes left to receive a touch up. Please ensure you have the proper amount of lashes remaining or you will be charged for the appropriate full set according to the amount of touch up minutes chosen (i.e. 20 mins Express set, 30 mins No More Mascara, etc).

FOR NEW CLIENTS: This service is for lashes done by other artists, but you must have at least 20% of them left or you will be charged for a new set. If you are new to town or your regular artist became unavailable, we build from what already exists (if not overly clumped, clustered or heavily glued). We always customize to your preference. This service is NOT timed, therefore once the artist reaches maximum lash volume, whether the full appointment time is used or not the charge remains the same (much like a new set). No call/no show clients will be charged 50% of the cost of their service.